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Got Questions?

We’ve got answers!

At Kanna-Wise, we believe in transparency.

Seeing as how there are a million ways to grow, we expect our customers to have questions about the flowers we grow here at Kanna-Wise.

What is your "Grow Style"

Technically, we are Hydroponic, but since we use Coco Fiber as a Medium and we use Beneficial Fungi, we call our method Hydro-Organic.

How do you trim your flowers?

At Kanna-Wise, we know that quality is key, therefore we hand trim and visually inspect every nugget before it leaves the farm.

What Strains do you grow?

Due to the vagaries of the cannabis market, we are always growing new strains, but some of our favorites are Blueberry Muffins, Ice Cream Cake, Blueberry Diesel, and GMO Cookies.